Geneclat Technologies The Power of Informatics to Accelerate Biology


Vision & Mission

            Framing a core facility in bioinformatics to provide world class solutions.
            Providing unrivalled solutions in NGS data analysis and Drug Discovery to ensure optimized solutions in quick around time.


GenEclat Technologies is a Bioinformatics company started and lead by the very small group of young and enthusiastic people in the month of June 2015 inspired by the “MAKE IN INDIA” campaign. We mainly focuses on providing the solution to bioinformatics problems. We also provides training and conducts workshops on bioinformatics. We are service based company oriented towards providing the best data analytics in the field of bioinformatics.


High-throughput techniques and immense advancements in genomics have brought in deeper characterization of wide range of organisms with significant challenges for the analysis, storage and management of the abundant data, added to it. We also provide drug discovery solutions to pharmaceutical, biotechnology companies as well as to academic institutions. The speciality of our establishment is that, we will be providing expertise to relate from genomic and proteomic level with an extension to system biology approach.


As a startup firm supported by the enthusiastic and motivated employees, we focus on providing best possible solutions in NGS data analysis and drug discovery areas and also ensure optimized solutions in quick around time. We also offer training and projects to individuals, with a view to expand knowledge in both the domains and to establish better connection with the researches and researchers in the field.